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Why Choose Home Improvement General Contractors of New York

When you make the decision to invest in a construction or real estate project, you want to know that you’re placing you trust in the right team. You want to know that the professionals you hire love what they do and won’t waste your time — or your money.

At Home Improvement General Contractors, our young, energetic team gets excited about every construction project we take on. Our team is complete with experts in all fields of the construction business, allowing us to drive every facet of a project, from design to completion. We’re agile, creative, and most of all, dedicated to helping your vision come to fruition without any waste.

Our Newest Offering: 3D Design Visualization

Why Choose Home Improvement General Contractors of New YorkWe have an exciting new team development in the form ofa designer and 3D visualizer in the house. That means, we are not only able to plan, manage and build any project, but we can actually visualize it using real 3D renderings. This allows you to see not just dry drawings and calculations, but the whole picture with details of the future finished space.

Our innovative 3D visualizations allow you to identify defects at the design stage, correct them and improve the project without major expenses. In addition,a 3D video tour through the space may be created and can be used for presentation of the project, as advertisement material for the spaces that are being for sale, or simply for the client’s personal use in order to have better understanding of how finishes will look in composition of the space design, layout, size and height

Our Design Experts will build models that aid in:

  • creating of the functional layouts to maximize useful space;
  • picking of the finish materials according to the proposed design and within reasonable budget;
  • preparation of the conceptual design of the space;
  • preparation of the construction drawings;
  • 3D visualization of the future project;
  • 3D virtual tours of the existing or virtual spaces;

We're dedicated to providing high quality work within a reasonable budget.

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We Value Your Time Above All

We know how exhausting construction projects can become when placed in the wrong hands. Inefficiencies in communication, planning and production can delay even the simplest of renovations.

We hate that as much as you do.

At Home Improvement General Contractors, we obsess over creating more efficient processes from start to finish. That is why we have expanded our team to include experts in all functional roles, allowing us to negate any unnecessary delays in communications. Our clients never have to loose working days or sacrifice precious family time to meet with designers, consult architects, select materials, etc.

And if you are are the type that wants full control, we make it our mission to make that as simple as possible. Our specialists can meet you not only in our office, but anywhere that is convenient for you. We are even available to you on weekends and off hours.

Committed to Quality at Every Turn

Each of the projects we take on is immediately assigned a personal Project Manager (PM) whose job is to optimize all stages of the project and speed up the process. PMs are responsible for running the schedule and communications and are incredibly efficient at what they do.  

One of the most important responsibilities of the PM is quality control. Every construction project we run in New York gets checked for the quality issues multiple times prior to the architect’s and client’s final inspection, ensuring perfection and completely eliminating the punch list.

Throughout your project, you’ll also receive weekly reports supported by high quality pictures, so you will always know what is going on at your project even if you are travelling or simply too busy to personally visit the site.

At the end of each project, we provide our clients with a complete Owner’s Manual, which consists of the overall description of the project, information about finishes and equipment installed, warranty information and contacts, maintenance schedules and much more important information.

Before the move in, we provide you with a quick tour at the project site and offer training for the operation and setting up of the special equipment or systems installed at the project. 

Fully Insured for Your Protection

While it is highly unlikely, in case something unforeseen happens on your project, we are covered by extremely reputable and reliable insurance provider. This ensures that there is no chance you as our client can ever be held legally responsible for any construction-related issues during the project.

You Don’t Pay Until You’re Satisfied

Construction companies in New York and New Jersey are famous for the commonly known “Deposit” approach — we don’t think that is right. We never request any payments until some work is completed at the project.

We believe you should only pay after you are completely sure that we’ve done an amazing job. Each of our projects even comes with an exclusive 1-year warranty and option to extend that warranty for up to 6 years.

Fully Licensed and Certified

Home Improvement General Contractors is a fully licensed contracting company in New York and New Jersey. We are also EPA lead-safe certified, ensuring that you can trust us to complete any project safely and in the most eco-friendly way possible.

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Jersey City: (201) 297-4422
Hoboken: (201) 298-4666
Brooklyn: (718) 313-1331
Manhattan: (212) 377-9347