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Jersey City: (201) 297-4422
Hoboken: (201) 298-4666
Brooklyn: (718) 313-1331
Manhattan: (212) 377-9347

The Best Apartment and House Renovation Team in the New York Area

Many construction companies will tell you that they can work on your apartment or condo simply because they have experience completing similar projects in freestanding homes. The truth is, there is an incredible amount of intricacy involved when completing apartment renovations in NYC, Brooklyn, Jersey City, or Hoboken.

You need a team that can work quickly, work agile, and think creatively to solve non-traditional problems such as how to get materials into smaller spaces, how to prevent any damage to neighboring domiciles, or even just how to work on a schedule that causes little to no distractions for residents.

At Home Improvement General Contractors, we have years of experience working in apartments, homes and in commercial spaces that require similar considerations, so you can trust us with even your most complex apartment and house renovation needs, including:

The Best Apartment and House Renovation Team in New York
  • Rough and finished carpentry of all kinds
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Custom and prefabricated millwork installation
  • Countertops and stone installation
  • Basement finishing
  • Plumbing works
  • HVAC works
  • Electrical and low voltage work
  • All types of flooring installation
  • Ceramic, porcelain, marble, or granite tile installation
  • Vinyl needs
  • Plastering, taping and painting

Guaranteed Work at No Risk

As with all projects we complete, every apartment renovation we complete in New York or New Jersey requires no deposit or pay from you until some work is done and you are satisfied. We are fully insured for all types of construction and repair, so in the unlikely event that something should occur, there is absolutely zero risk of liability to you — no matter what.

Our work comes with a one year warranty and you can easily extend to up to six years. Our goal is simple: make your apartment the best it can be without costing you any unnecessary time, risk or frustration dealing with minutiae.

Contact Our Team Today

Get in touch with our team today to schedule your next apartment upgrade, renovation or repair. We’ll make the process smooth, simple, and safe for everyone involved. Call us now at any of these numbers - Jersey City: (201) 297-4422 / Hoboken: (201) 298-4666 / Brooklyn: (718) 313-1331 / Manhattan: (212) 377-9347.

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Jersey City: (201) 297-4422
Hoboken: (201) 298-4666
Brooklyn: (718) 313-1331
Manhattan: (212) 377-9347