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Jersey City: (201) 297-4422
Hoboken: (201) 298-4666
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About Home Improvement General Contractors

Led by a team of young, energetic professionals, Home Improvement General Contractors takes pride in implementing the latest building technologies to successfully deliver our projects. We employ high tech equipment, super energy efficient and environmentally friendly designs and materials, and take an innovative design approach to every project.

Our Story

About Home Improvement General Contractors

Our company was founded in 2005 as a small, sole-proprietorship firm designed to cater to local residential construction needs. By 2008, we were a registered and fully equipped New York City construction company, with over 10 employees providing a wide range of services.

In our early years, the company concentrated on commercial projects and building strong customer relations, as well as expanding the areas of service we could provide. Over the next few years, we expanded to New Jersey, NYC, Long Island, Jersey City, Hoboken and Westchester, always bringing on board talented, driven individuals who could help us deliver better construction results fast.

At the beginning of 2013, we made the ambitious decision to add a new dimension to the company: our Real Estate Development division. This new addition allowed us to become more ingrained in the entire process of construction, from inception to completion, and provide our clients with a long-lasting, relationship-driven service.

Since 2013, we’ve continued supplementing our team with experienced members in each division of our services, allowing us to begin building a portfolio of high-end projects all over the NYC and vicinities.

In 2015, a couple of reputable local and international real estate investors joined the team, making a huge push to the development of the young company. By the beginning of the 2017,our team had a strong portfolio of high-end residential projects in the most desirable neighborhoods of New York, along with recent retail, commercial, healthcare and restaurant projects.

What’s Next for Home Improvement General Contractors?

As of today, our team welcomes home owners, potential buyers and real estate investors to become our new, valued and satisfied customers. We are always thrilled to help people’s real estate visions come to life, no matter how simple or ambitious. We specialize in high-end designs and builds across the spectrum of residential and commercial real estate.

Whether you know exactly what you want or are looking for an inspired design, we want to be your trusted partner in your next real estate or construction project in NYC, Brooklyn, Jersey City, or Hoboken. Contact our team today to discuss what we can make together.

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Jersey City: (201) 297-4422
Hoboken: (201) 298-4666
Brooklyn: (718) 313-1331
Manhattan: (212) 377-9347